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List of glitches in Generation I

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Kecleon Money Glitch: this is all it needs
The team leader is required to wear a Pass Scarf and stand next to a Kecleon. When the team leader is attacked by a wild Pokémon and the attack is passed onto the Kecleon, Kecleon will attack the Pokémon who attacked it. After this Pokémon has fainted, Kecleon will be treated as if it were a team member for that floor, except it does not appear on the list as a team member. However, it is not actually a team member, so Kecleon will disappear once the team goes to the next floor.
===Kecleon Moneymoney Glitchglitch===
{{main|Kecleon Moneymoney Glitchglitch}}
The Kecleon Moneymoney Glitchglitch is a [[glitch]] in [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team]]. thatBy allowsplacing an item on the playercarpet toand getquick halfsaving the pricegame, ofafter anythe itemgame youis sellrestarted Kecleon will continue to [[Kecleon]]think eachthat the item has been sold recently and will pay the sell price every time youhe talkis tospoken itto.
In order to perform this glitch, the player must find a Kecleon stall, place any item on the stall's floor, and quicksave the game. Then the player must walk out of the stall and Keclon will ask the player if he/she is willing to sell it. If the player says Yes, Kecleon will pay the player. The player must talk to Kecleon again and Kecleon will pay the player half the amount of what Kecleon paid earlier. The player can talk to Kecleon and receive money from it as many times as the player wants.