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Blaziken's Boulder Bash
===Blaziken's Boulder Bash===
In Blaziken's Boulder Bash (Japanese: '''バシャーモのパンチングロックス''' ''Bursyamo's Punching Rock''), players must swing the Wii remote to smash or deflect the rocks shot at them, depending on the timing of the swing. The rocks fly faster as the game progresses and are shot by a giant machine which appears to be controlled by {{p|Blaziken}} (unless the player is playing as this Pokémon) and {{p|Golem}}. If the Pokémon is hit by a rock, the player must shake the Wii remote for it to recover. Points are awarded for the timing of the attack and the number of times the Pokémon destroys a rock in a row. 100 points are awarded if the blow is not completely in time; 300 points are awarded for excellent timing. The points are multiplied by the number of times the Pokémon hits a rock in a row (once is worth 100 or 300 points, twice in a row is worth 200 or 600, three times is worth 300 or 900, etc). The maximum score is 48,000 and the best Pokémon to play as is {{p|Groudon}}.
===Empoleon's Snow Slide===