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Sky Drop (move)

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On the turn it is selected, Freefall tossesbring the target intoto the air. While in the air, both the user and the target will be unable to take action and will avoid any move targeted at itthem except {{m|Gust}}, {{m|Thunder}}, {{m|Twister}}, {{m|Sky Uppercut}}, {{m|Whirlwind}} or {{m|WhirlwindKnock Down}}. The next turn, the target fallsis tothrown the grounddown and receives damage. Freefall does no damage to {{type|Flying}} or {{a|Levitate}} Pokémon.
Freefall will fail if the target has a {{m|Substitute}}.
<!--The target may also be hit in the air if it was previously targeted by {{m|Lock-On}} or {{m|Mind Reader}}, and then struck the following turn. (This needs to be tested) -->
===[[Generation V]]===
====By [[Level|leveling up]]====