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Appendix:Gold and Silver walkthrough/Section 11

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{{Party|color={{ice color}}|bordercolor={{ice color dark}}|headcolor={{ice color light}}
|sprite=SpritePryceLeaderPryce GSC.png
|prize={{pdollar}}[[Pokémon Dollar|3100]]
After defeating him, Pryce gives out the {{badge|Glacier}}, which increases your [[party]]'s {{stat|Special Attack}} and {{stat|Special Defense}}, and allows the use of {{m|Whirlpool}} outside of battle. Pryce also gives you {{TM|16|Icy Wind}}, symbolizing winter's harshness. One more badge to go!
When you step outside the Gym, {{prof|Elm}} calls you about strange radio broadcasts that mention Team Rocket. It seems the gang won't take a hint, so {{m|fly}} back to {{ci|Goldenrod}} to finally put an end to them.