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Similar to its pre-evolution, Tsutarja, Janoby is primarily green with a cream-colored underside. It has a yellow collar-like structure that starts at the chest and proceeds behind the shoulders giving it the appearance of wings. Three palmate leaves grow along its back and tail. Janoby has four short limbs and a small crest protruding from the back of its head.
====Gender differences====
gen=5 |
bwarea=[[Evolution|Evolve]] [[Tsutarja (Pokémon)|Tsutarja]] |
bwarea=Currently unknown |
*Janoby was first seen on [[a:File:BW anime.png|conceptan artanimator's reference sheet]] for the {{series|Best Wishes}}, along with {{p|Futachimaru}}, {{p|Koromori}}, and {{p|Kibago}}.
Janoby's color scheme is similar to its species' possible namesake, ''{{wp|Opheodrys aestivus}}'', the North American grass snake, while ''{{wp|Oxybelis fulgidus}}'', the Central and South American vine snake, may be the basis for its general serpentine features. The yellow crest on its chest and shoulders resembles ''{{wp|Strelitzia}}'', aka bird of paradise plants.
====Name origin====
Janoby's name may come from 蛇 ''ja'', meaning {{wp|snake}}, and {{wp|canopy}}.
==In other languages==
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