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PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

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Skill Games
Battles, unlike the main series of turn based Pokémon games involve Pikachu actively moving around the screen and attacking the opponent. Pikachu can deplete the opponent's health bar via a [[Dash]] attack, {{m|Thunderbolt}} strike or {{m|Iron Tail}} attack, although Ground type Pokémon such as {{p|Torterra}} are only momentarily stunned by Thunderbolt and are not harmed by the attack. Pikachu starts off with a HP bar of two segments, although it can be extended up to five segments by upgrading the Hitpoints stat by training with {{p|Bibarel}} at the [[Meeting ZonePlace]] for a large amount of berries.
===Obstacle Hop===
The Obtacle Hop is less common and is only run by a few Pokémon such as a Spearow in [[Meadow ZonePlace]] and a {{p|Machamp}} in [[Cavern Zone]]. The minigame involves Pikachu jumping from different obstacles with the aim of reaching the opponent within a certain time limit. Falling is allowed, although this will deplete time and send Pikachu back to the first obstacle. Later in the game, opponents may also throw obstacles such as boulders in the direction of Pikachu.