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Some inaccurated trademarked romajis: new section
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:::So what exactly is wrong with denoting them both? They have been terribly inconsistent with other Pokemon as well, so wouldn't it be better to note that different spellings of the same name are possible? We could just list all officially trademarked/used names here and then pick the one we feel as being the "true" one for the rest of the articles about that Pokemon. ([[User:Yaminokame|Yaminokame]] 13:16, 6 September 2010 (UTC))
== Some inaccurated trademarked romajis ==
I've realized that some trademarked romaji are inaccurated. I own some japanese Pokémon mangas, that's why I can get some information about some trademarked romajis. I will be updating the list with the information that I have. I need to know from where do these names come from, because some of them are true, but some of them not, for instance "Mismagius"' is supposed to be "Mumargi" when in fact it is "Mumage", or "Vespiquen" is supposed to be "Beequeen" when in fact it is "Beequen" (just one "e" in queen). PS: I speak spanish, so my english is not so good.