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Unlike previous trios, the golems share very similar names, and their types are further estranged from the original {{t|Fire}}, {{t|Ice}}, and {{t|Electric}} that the [[legendary birds|birds]] take on (two of the [[legendary beasts|beasts]] share types with the birds, while only {{p|Regice|one of the golems}} does). Like them, however, these three have a master (and like the beasts, a creator) in {{p|Regigigas}}.
Also shared among the members of this trio is a weakness to {{type2|Fighting}} moves. Each has seven dots for eyes, arranged in a different pattern, similar to the [[braille]] that is connected to their legend. Though unlike the birds and beasts, as the golems do not have {{a|Pressure}} as their ability, they do share one in {{a|Clear Body}}.
In the anime and outside ''[[M08|Lucario and the Mystery of Mew]]'', they appeared as somewhat less important than the previous two trios, even being trained, in [[Poké Ball]]s, no less, by {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}}, while the birds are said to cause a cataclysm if even one is captured (as happened in [[M02|the second movie]]) and the beasts are unable to be captured by conventional means.