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Haircut brothers

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==Happiness level==
The brothers will raise a Pokémon's Happiness by one of three random levels:
*"<sc>Pokémon</sc> looks a little happy"
:+1 for all happiness values
*"<sc>Pokémon</sc> looks happy!"
:This+3 isfor approximatelyhappiness twicevalues as0-199, large+1 asfor thevalues first level.200-249
*<sc>Pokémon</sc> looks delighted!"
:ThisFor isyounger approximatelybrother, twice as large as the second level+10 for thevalues older brother0-199, and three times as large as the second level+4 for thevalues younger brother.200-249
:For older brother, +5 for values 0-199, +2 for values 200-249