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TheAs chapter{{Adv|Blue}} beginsconfirms withSaffron BlueCity as the battleground between them and [[Team Rocket]], Red discoveringrealizes with a jolt that the Pokémon he sent to [[Professor Oak]]'s laboratory might be in danger. Sure enough, a quick check confirms Red's {{p|Eevee}} Redto sentbe togone, Oakbut hasBlue's disappearedPokémon are completely untouched. AfterBlue explainingaccuses whyRed Oakof acting the hero and thus jeopardizing the town, before declaring his own resolve for going after Team Rocket: to choseprotect [[Pallet Town]] tofrom dobeing histainted researchby inTeam's Rocket's operations; the pristine, Blueunspoiled cockilyland makesbeing histhe wayreason towhy Saffronhis Citygrandfather tohad tryhis laboratory here, and enterwhy {{p|Mew}} was sighted when the areaboys again[[PS001|began their journeys]]. AngrilyWarning Red to stay out of the battle, Blue departs on his [[Blue's Charizard|Charizard]], but Red defiantly follows on his {{p|Aerodactyl}}, determined to defend his own home as well.
AtMuch to the westboys' entranceirritation, Bluenot isonly tryinghas totheir respective rival showed up, breakbut the barrier. Likeover before,[[Saffron heCity]] fails.proves Thinkingitself thatto thebe completely impenetrable centerregardless of thewhere barrierthey isattack theit. As Green watches weaknessthem, Blue makesuses his way{{p|Golduck}} Meanwhile,transmit Redvisuals isto tryinghis to[[Pokédex]] breakby throughscanning the city psychically; he identifies the barrier himselfas a {{m|Light Screen}} created by a {{p|Mr. He,Mime}} too,outside concludes[[Silph thatCo.]] theheadquarters. centerRed ofattempts theto barrierone-up mustBlue beby thehaving weakest[[Pika]] pointuse of{{m|Substitute}}, sending in an energy clone past the barrier., Thebut twoneither rivalsTrainer meetis and beginable to quarrelcontinue. However,The sincestandstill theirends attacksas failGreen noteases matterthe whereboys, suggesting that they arecooperate aimedinstead at,of Redcompete andwith Blueeach travelother; backa tosuggestion the groundboys concede to. As Blue has Golduck searchscans the insidecity, withBlue confusioninstructs (thusthe producingDuck aPokémon pictureto onpass Blueits information onto Pika's Pokédex)Substitute, Redand sendsdespite PikaMr. insideMime's usingevasive attempts a coordinated {{m|SubstituteThunderbolt}}. Green,from onPika hersuccessfully Jigglypuff,faints seesthe thisBarrier andPokémon. tellsThe thebarrier twolifts, thatallowing Blue to rush into the keycity towith gettingRed ridin oftow, thewhile barrierGreen wasgloats to workherself together.on Thehow twoshe rivalsmanaged thento combineget theirwhat strengthsshe andwanted Pikawith isthe ableboys todoing navigatethe throughwork Saffronfor Cityher.
Mr. Mime merrily dancesCharging along athe pathstreets, butBlue Pikademands catchesfor uphis easily. Noticing Pika, Mr. Mime beginsopponent to disappearshow, butwhile Pikachu strikes it with Thunderbolt just before it disappears, defeating it[[Lt. TheSurge]] barriersinisterly fadeswatches andthe Redboys and Blue enterfrom the city[[Silph withCo.]] Green just behind thembuilding...
==Major events==