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== Synopsis ==
{{Ash}}, {{an|Misty}}, {{an|Brock}}, and {{AP|Pikachu}} are passing through [[Rikishii Town]] when they see a set of {{p|Feraligatr}} matches taking down a few Pokémon. After its sixth win, Misty takes a closer look at the Feraligatr, and quickly falls in love with the Water-type. The gang soon finds out that the Feraligatr is owned by a trainer named [[Raiden]], who tells them that the competitions here use sumo-wrestling and the [[Sumo Conference|Pokémon Sumo Competition]] is been held by [[Shonosuke]], the director of the Pokémon sumo society. Shonosuke explain the rules of Pokémon sumo-wrestling, which the Pokémon only has to rely on their physical skills and not using of any of their usual attacks. He even mentions that Raiden and his Feraligatr are expecting to win this year’s Pokémon sumo competition, which is being held today. Ash decides to participate in the competition but Shonosuke reminds him that he needs to have Pokémon that is heavy. Pikachu enthusiastically volunteers, but Ash gently turns the offer down, reminding him that he won't pass the weight requirement.