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The thief is found to be {{mdc|Grovyle|2}}, and the player eventually brings him to justice. The stolen Time Gears are then returned to their respective areas.[[File:Time gear anime.png|In the anime|thumb|left]] However, it is revealed that Grovyle stole the Time Gears to prevent an even greater catastrophe: the paralysis of the planet. The frozen time would be only temporary until the Time Gears were placed in [[Temporal Tower]], where the flow of time would be fixed for good.
[[File:Time gear anime.png|In the anime|thumb|left]]
When the player and Grovyle go to [[Treeshroud Forest]] to take the first Time Gear, time has already frozen. Acting fast, Grovyle obtains the rest of the Time Gears and the party goes to Temporal Tower. Grovyle throws himself and {{mdc|Dusknoir|2}}, their pursuer, into a portal going to the future, while he entrusts the five Time Gears to the player. Together, the player and partner place the Time Gears in the slots at the top of the tower and prevent a future of darkness.
Three of the Time Gears are initially located at [[Fogbound Lake]], [[Quicksand Cave|Underground Lake]], and [[Crystal Crossing|Crystal Lake]] (guarded by {{p|Uxie}}, {{p|Mesprit}}, and {{p|Azelf}}, respectively); the fourth is left unguarded in Treeshroud Forest, and the fifth is in [[Limestone Cavern]], guarded by {{p|Ditto}}.==Locations==
{|align=left {{bluetable2}} align="center"
!'''Gaurded by'''
|[[Fogbound Lake]]
|[[Quicksand Cave|Underground Lake]]
|[[Crystal Crossing|Crystal Lake]]
|[[Treeshroud Forest]]
|[[Limestone Cavern]]{{tt|*|Dungeon only found in Special Episode: "Here Comes Team Charm!"}}
|Unknown Place{{tt|*|Seen on the title page for Explorers of Darkness, and again when referenced by partner}}
==In the anime==