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Castform (Pokémon)

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Physiology: I thought so, anyway. Just look at it. It's practically a dead ringer.
Castform is an [[artificial Pokémon]] created by the [[Weather Institute]] in [[Hoenn]]. It was designed to help scientists predict the weather, and consequently changes its appearance (and [[elemental type|type]]) when the weather changes.
In its natural state, Castform is small, gray and resembles a cloud. When it is extremely sunny, Castform's lower half becomes pure white while the head turns orange with smaller orange balls surrounding it. This gives Castform's head a shape that is similar to the sun. During rain, Castform's lower half becomes a darker shade of gray. The head is blue, resembling a drop of rain. In hail or snowy weather, Castform's head turns purplish-blue. The rest of of the body changes into a mint green {{wp|cumulonimbus cloud}} that also appears to resemble a decorative ice sculpture. Strangely, Castform does not have a form for sandstorms or fog.
In all forms, Castform has markings around its eyes similar to a pair of {{wp|sunglasses}}.