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[[File:Liberty Ticket.png|thumb|Liberty Ticket|230px|right]]{{ItemInfobox/head
The '''|name=Liberty Ticket''' (Japanese: '''リバティチケット''' ''Liberty Ticket'') allows a player to travel to the [[Liberty Island]] where he/she will meet either {{p|Victini}} in {{game|Black and White|s}}.Pass
|jtrans=Liberty Ticket
|art=Liberty Pass
|caption=Artwork from {{g|Black and White}}
|colorscheme=Key items
{{ItemInfobox/BagRow|V|Key items}}
{{ItemInfobox/BagRow|VI|Key items}}
{{ItemInfobox/BagRowBottom|VII|Key items}}
The '''Liberty Pass''' (Japanese: '''リバティチケット''' ''Liberty Ticket'') is an [[Event item|event-exclusive]] [[Key Item]] that allows a player to travel to [[Liberty Garden]] where he or she will meet {{Eventp|Victini}} in {{game|Black and PokémonWhite|s}}.
==In the core series games==
====Passive effect====
Once the Liberty Pass is obtained, the player must take it to Liberty Pier, the westernmost pier of the [[Castelia City]] harbor. The captain of the boat docked here will recognize the Liberty Pass, and volunteer to take the player to Liberty Garden. If the player does not have the Liberty Pass, the vessel remains stationary.
{{ItemPrice/head‎|Key items}}
{{movedesc|key items}}
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrev5|BWB2W2}}<br>{{gameabbrev6|XYORAS}}<br>{{gameabbrev7|SMUSUM}}|A special pass to go to Liberty Garden. Board the ship in Castelia City.}}
The Liberty Pass was distributed wirelessly at the release of Black and White in all geographic regions and in some retail outlets outside of Japan. The release length differs between countries.
{| class="roundy" style="margin:auto; text-align:center; background: #0047a8; border: 3px solid #2260b6"
|- style="color:#003642; background:#5a91dc"
! rowspan="2" style="{{roundytl|5px}}" | Game Version
! colspan="2" style="{{roundytr|5px}}" | Duration
|- style="color:#003642; background:#5a91dc"
! style="padding:2px" | Wi-Fi
! style="padding:2px" | Retail
|- style="background:#a1edfe; padding:2px"
! style="background:#a5bcdc; padding:2px" | Japanese
| style="padding:2px" | Sept. 18, 2010 to Oct. 18, 2010
| style="padding:2px; text-align:center" | N/A
|- style="background:#a1edfe"
! style="background:#a5bcdc; padding:2px" | Europe
| style="padding:2px" colspan="2" | Mar. 4, 2011 to {{tt|Apr. 27|originally April 22}}, 2011
|- style="background:#a1edfe"
! style="background:#a5bcdc; padding:2px" | North America
| style="padding:2px" colspan="2" | Mar. 6, 2011 to {{tt|Apr. 27|originally April 10}}, 2011
|- style="background:#a1edfe"
! style="background:#a5bcdc; padding:2px" | Australia
| style="padding:2px" colspan="2" | Mar. 10, 2011 to Apr. 28, 2011
|- style="background:#a1edfe"
! style="background:#a5bcdc; padding:2px; {{roundybl|5px}}" | South Korea
| style="padding:2px; {{roundybr|5px}}" colspan="2" | Apr. 23, 2011 to May 29, 2011
==Wonder Card==
| valign="top" |
{{wondercard/5|lang=jap|type=item|Liberty Pass|
title={{tt|リバティチケット プレゼント|Liberty Ticket Present}}|
msg=ポケモンを あそんでくれて<br>ありがとう!<br>おくりものは ポケモンセンターにいる<br>はいたついんから うけとってね!|
date=2010. 9.18|
desc=リバティガーデンとうに いって<br>ビクティニに あえる<br>とくべつな チケット。<br>ヒウンシティから ふねに のれる。}}
| valign="top" |
{{wondercard/5|type=item|Liberty Pass|
title=Get the Liberty Pass!|
msg=Thank you for playing Pokémon<br>Please pick up your gift from the<br>deliveryman at any Pokémon Center.|
desc=Use this special pass to take<br>a ship from Castelia City to<br>Liberty Garden and meet the<br>Mythical Pokémon Victini!}}
| valign="top" |
{{wondercard/5|lang=fr|type=item|Liberty Pass|
title=Voici votre Pass Liberté!|
msg=Merci d'avoir joué à Pokémon!<br>Allez récupérer votre cadeau<br>dans le jeu auprès du livreur<br>d'un centre Pokémon!|
date=4 mars. 2011|
desc=C'est un ticket spécial qui permet<br>d'aller sur l'Île Liberté et de<br>rencontrer Victini, le Pokémon<br>fabuleux! Embarquez à Volucité!}}
| valign="top" |
{{wondercard/5|lang=ger|type=item|Liberty Pass|
title=Hol dir den Gartenpass!|
msg=Danke, dass du Pokémon spielst!<br>Hole dir dein Geschenk bei unserem<br>Lieferanten im Pokémon-Center ab!|
date=4. Mär. 2011|
desc=Mit diesem speziellen Pass kannst du<br>von Stratos City aus ein Schiff zum<br>Freiheitsgarten chartern, um dort das<br>Mysteriöse Pokémon Victini zu treffen!}}
| valign="top" |
{{wondercard/5|lang=it|type=item|Liberty Pass|
title=Il Liberticket in regalo!|
msg=Grazie per aver glocato con questo<br>gioco dei Pokémon!<br>Ricordati di ritirare il dono dal postino<br>nel Centro Pokémon!|
date=4 mar. 2011|
desc=Usa questo biglietto speciale per<br>viaggiare in nave da Austropoli<br>all'Isola Libertà: potrai incontrare<br>il Pokémon misterioso Victini!}}
| valign="top" |
{{wondercard/5|lang=spa|type=item|Liberty Pass|
title=¡Consigue el ticket libertad!|
msg=¡Gracias por jugar a Pokémon!<br>Ve a ver al repartidor en cualquier<br>Centro Pokémon para recoger tu regalo.|
desc=¡Monta con este billete especial en<br>el barco que va desde Ciudad Porcelana<br>hasta Isla Libertad y encuentra<br>al singular Pokémon Victini!}}
{{wondercard/5|lang=kor|type=item|Liberty Pass|
title=리버티티켓 선물|
msg=포켓몬 게임을 즐겨 주셔서<br>감사합니다!<br>소포는 포켓몬센터에 있는<br>배달원에게 받으십시오!|
desc=리버티가든섬의 가기 위한<br>특별한 티켓.<br>구름시티에서 배를 탈 수 있다.}}
This is the appearance of the Liberty Pass as obtained in the [[Generation V]] games.
{| class="roundy" style="margin:auto; text-align:center; background:#{{cynthia color dark}}; border:5px solid #{{cynthia color}}"
| width="160px" style="background:#{{items color}}; {{roundytop|5px}}" | [[File:Key Liberty Pass Sprite.png]]
| style="background:#{{items color light}}; {{roundybottom|5px}}" | Liberty Pass
==In the manga==
[[File:Liberty Pass Adventures.png|thumb|200px|Liberty Passes in Pokémon Adventures]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
A pair of Liberty Passes appeared in ''[[PS480|At Liberty on Liberty Garden]]'' under the ownership of {{adv|White}}. She and {{adv|Black}} used them to board a ship from Castelia City to Liberty Garden in order to search for Victini under [[Professor Juniper]]'s request.
==In other languages==
{{langtable|color={{attack color light}}|bordercolor={{attack color}}
|zh_yue=自由船票 ''{{tt|Jihyàuh Syùhnpiu|Liberty Ticket}}''
|zh_cmn=自由船票 ''{{tt|Zìyóu Chuánpiào|Liberty Ticket}}''
|nl=Vrijheidspas{{tt|*|Victini event leaflet included with Black & White}}
|fr_eu=Pass Liberté
|ko=리버티티켓 ''Liberty Ticket''
|pt_br=Passe Liberdade
|es_eu=Ticket libertad
|vi = Vé Liberty
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