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Pseudorandom number generation in Pokémon

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As the initial seed is predictable, the "random" numbers are predictable as well. [[Pokémon Emerald]]'s initial seed is always 0. The Generation IV games use the [[Nintendo DS]]'s date, time, and delay between starting the game and pressing "Continue" to generate the initial seed.
The random number generator is used to determine a Pokémon's [[personality value]] and [[Individual Values]] when it is encountered or received. After the initial seed is discovered, the player can control a Pokémon's characteristics with frame precise timing. There are several methods used to create a Pokémon's characteristics - for instance, a bred Pokémon and a legendarystationary Pokémon's characteristics are generated through different methods.
There are some limitations. As a player's Trainer ID and Secret ID determine a Pokémon's shininess, shiny Pokémon generated through certain methods can only have certain Individual Values. Also, it is not possible to manipulate the nature of a Pokémon obtained through a [[Wonder Card]].
In the Pokémon fandom, RNG abuse is slightly controversial. Proponents note that RNG abuse does not require a third-party device and that RNG abused Pokémon can be obtained through normal gameplay. In addition, RNG abused Pokémon have been allowed at the 2009 and 2010 [[Pokémon_Organized_Play_(TCG)#Video_Game_Championships|Video Game Championships]], an official tournament sponsored by Nintendo. However, some players believe that RNG abuse is cheating, as the action of picking a Pokémon's characteristics is similar to using a program like Pokésav.
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