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* For [[DP001]], [[Professor Oak's lecture]] is about the starter Pokémon of Sinnoh. He writes this [[Pokémon senryū]] about them: シンオウで たびがはじまる ポケモンと ''Shin'ō de tabi ga hajimaru Pokémon to.'' "In [[Sinnoh]], a journey begins with Pokémon."
* All starters in the [[main series]] besides Pikachu have a 7:1 ratio of males to females.
** Due to this, as well as the way in which gender and shininess were determined, it was ''impossible'' to have a shiny female starter Pokémon in [[Generation II]], as the lowest Attack [[IV]] a [[shiny Pokémon]] can have was 2, while the highest Attack IV a female Pokémon in that gender group can have iswas 1.
* Each of the {{type2|Grass}} starters is based on a reptilian creature, with Bulbasaur and Chikorita being based on {{wp|dicynodont|prehistoric}} {{wp|sauropod|reptiles}}, Treecko on {{wp|gecko}}s, Turtwig on {{wp|turtle}}s, and Tsutarja on a lizard/snake.
** All of the Generation I starters are based on reptilian creatures. Bulbasaur's family resemble dinosaurs, Charmander's family is based on lizards, and Squirtle's is based on turtles.