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Machop (Pokémon)

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* Despite their [[species]] classifications, Machop and its evolutions could not learn {{m|Superpower}} until {{game|Platinum}}, and even then, only by [[move tutor]].
** However, they have always been able to learn the move {{m|Strength}}, which shares its Japanese name with their species classification.
* Despite having a tail, it cannot learn {{m|Iron Tail}}; this however, would be right as neither of {{p|Machoke|its}} {{p|Machamp|evolutions}} have tails.
* In [[Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia]], it's mentioned that Machop can control [[Aura]] into orbs. However, there doesn't seem to be a connection between Machop and {{p|Lucario}} (save for both being Fighting-types) and Machop can't legitimately have {{m|Aura Sphere}} in the games.
* Machop is one of 5 Generation I Pokémon that had its base experience yield changed in [[Generation III]]. Its former base experience was 88. The others are {{p|Abra}}, {{p|Geodude}}, {{p|Omanyte}}, and {{p|Kabuto}}.