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Copycat (character)

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*In the artwork, Copycat has green hair on the [[Generation II]] artwork, but has brown hair in the latest artwork.
*In [[Generation IV]], Copycat has a [[Pokémon (species)|Pokémon]] from every generation represented, if you count her Poké Dolls. A {{p|Clefairy}} doll ([[Generation I]]), a {{p|Blissey}} (Generation II), a {{p|Banette}} and a {{p|Nosepass}} doll ([[Generation III]]), and a {{p|Cherrim}} doll (Generation IV).
*If the Copycat is in fact parroting the player character as she implies and not simply putting words in their mouths, then she provides by proxy some of the only lines of dialogue from the normally silent player characters.
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