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Green Path

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{{RouteInfoRoute infobox
|name=Green Path
|jptranslit=Outskirt Island
|jptrans=Outskirt Island
|altnorthnorth=Outcast Island
|alteasteast=Water Path
|regionmap=Sevii GreenPath Map.gif
|region=Sevii Islands
|before_specialregionmap=OutcastSevii IslandGreenPath Map.gif
|after_specialprev=WaterOutcast PathIsland
|next=Water Path
|name=Green Path
'''Green Path''' (Japanese: '''みどりのさんぽみち''' ''Green Promenade'') is a short route in the [[Sevii Islands]] connecting [[Water Path]] with [[Outcast Island]]. [[Pattern Bush]] is situated on the eastern end of this route.