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Bronzong (Pokémon)

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* Despite being based on a bronze bell, the only Bronzong {{cat|sound moves|sound move}} that it learns is {{m|Snore}}. However, {{wp|dōtaku}} (the type of bell which it is based off) don't have a clapper inside. The bell itself is stationary and is rung by striking a free-swinging beam suspended from the ceiling against it.
* Bronzong and its {{p|Bronzor|pre-evolution}} are the only Pokémon with the ability {{a|Levitate}} that can have another ability, {{a|Heatproof}}. However, {{p|Giratina}} can alternate between the abilities Levitate and {{a|Pressure}} when it changes between its Altered Forme and Origin Forme.
* Despite being blue, it is listed in the [[List of Pokémon by color|green category]]. This also applies to {{p|Bronzor|its pre-evolution}}.