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: Dawn dons a cheerleading outfit, and she and her Pokémon began cheering and dancing for Ash to win and thus giving him the confidence to earn his first [[Badge|gym badge]] in Sinnoh. Neither [[Misty]] nor {{an|May}} ever went to such lengths in any of Ash's battles; they usually sat on the side lines discussing if he would win, though they did plain-out cheer for him.
* ''[[DP062|Tanks for the Memories!]]''
: Dawn sees Ash going off to train his PokemonPokémon and follows for reasons unknown. In a later scene Dawn is inspired by Ash's training to do the same, but then starts crying about her recent Contest failure. When Ash approached her, she didn't want him to worry about it and played along with his assumption that she had dirt in her eyes. Then Ash says he is hungry and Dawn suggests that they get ice cream so that Ash wouldn't have to worry about her.
* ''[[DP066|Lost Leader Strategy!]]''
: Dawn talks to [[Maylene]] to try to convince her to take up Gym Leading again. Perhaps she does this because she can relate to it with her contest failures, but near the end of the conversation she admits she wonders if her Contests are holding Ash back, showing that she cares about his dreams almost more than her own.
<!--* ''[[DP067|Crossing the Battle Line!]]''
: When Brock asks Dawn what PokemonPokémon she would use, she told him {{OP|Dawn|Ambipom}} because of the experience from Ash. Later in another scene, Dawn exclaimes, "Wow, Ash is really something!" (Context is needed for both claims. Do no release without the context.)-->
* [[DP069|''Enter Galactic!'']]
: Ash claims the reason he won his new badge from [[Maylene]] was because of all the training Dawn did with {{AP|Buizel}} when it was still hers. This causes Dawn to blush and she says, "Well, lets just say that I was going to do anything I could to see an awesome Gym Battle between Ash and Maylene!"