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Saffron City

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{{main|Saffron City (stage)}}
[[Image:Saffroncity.jpg|right|thumb|Saffron City in [[Super Smash Bros.]]]]
'''{{St|Saffron City}}''' appears as a playable stage, specifically the roof of [[Silph Co.]], in [[Super Smash Bros.]] In the background, the text "[[Gotta Catch 'em All!]]" and "{{rt|5}}" can be seen. The part of the mountain range consisting of mountains such as [[Mt. Moon]], [[Cerulean Cave]] and [[Mt. Silver]] can be seen north of [[Cerulean City]]. Interestingly, a minor building with some blurry text can be seen. The text seems to start with a "F", which possibly may mean that it is the [[Fighting Dojo]]. {{t|Flying}} Pokémon, such as {{p|Pidgeot}} or {{p|Butterfree}} can sometimes been seen.
Certain Pokémon will emerge from the elevator in the Silph Co. building and attack briefly, similar to Pokémon summoned from [[Poké Ball#Super Smash Bros.|Poké Balls]]. Occasionally, {{p|Pidgey}}, {{p|Fearow}}, {{p|Butterfree}}, and other {{type2|Flying}} Pokémon will appear in the background.