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title_en={{tt|Totodile Rock|VIZ Media}}/{{tt|Totodile, Come with Me!|Chuang Yi}} |
title_ja=VS ワニノコ |
title_ro=VS. Waninoko |
number=98 |
location=[[Sprout Tower]],[[Violet City]] |
prev_round=BellsproutsBellsprout FormationRout |
next_round=Sunshine Sunkern Treasure }}
'''{{tt|Totodile Rock|VIZ Media}} or '''{{tt|Totodile, Come with Me!|Chuang Yi}}''' (Japanese: '''VS ワニノコ''' ''VS. {{tt|Waninoko|Totodile}}'') is the 98th round of the {{Chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}} in the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga.
==Major events==
* Gold's ExplotaroExbo and Silver's Totodile work together to break a giant boulder.
* Silver's Totodile evolves into a Croconaw.
* {{p|Cyndaquil}} ([[ExplotaroExbo]]; {{Adv|Gold}}'s)
* {{p|Aipom}} ([[AtaroAibo]]; Gold's)
* {{p|Totodile}} ({{Adv|Silver}}'s; evolves)
* {{p|Croconaw}} ({{OP|Silver|Feraligatr}}; newly evolved)