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After Shonosuke finishes his speech and the rules, the gang meets up with Raiden and his Feraligatr and they were amazed of the opponent's big Pokémon especially the {{p|Blastoise}} whom everyone says that it might win this competition. The first match is between Jessie's 'Miltank' versus an {{p|Ursaring}}. Jessie makes an easy win and was announced the winner of the match, but Shonosuke lodges a protest to the referee. Shonosuke noticed that Jessie's 'Miltank' used a {{m|Counter}} attack, and the official disqualifies them. Not too happy about his decision, they reveal their true identity, even their Wobbuffet. Shonosuke is furious and tells them that they made a mockery of the rules of this competition. Not bothered by what he says, Team Rocket are about to send out their Pokémon to attack but they were sent blasting off again by a {{m|Hydro Pump}} from Raiden's Feraligatr.
The next match is between Raiden's Feraligatr versus a {{p|Golem}}. The gang assumes that Golem is going to win due to its weight advantage, but Raiden turns the tables by using Golem's disadvantages, knocking Golem down to the ground and winning the match. Ash was amazed with his match and learns from it. After a few matches, it was Ash and Snorlax's turn. Snorlax goes up against a {{p|Poliwrath}} and as the match begins, Snorlax makes a surprising win as the Poliwrath attacks Snorlax's stomach and was bounced back, quickly knocking it out. The shocked referee announced the win and Snorlax happily goes for the prize, but Ash quickly manages to call Snorlax back to it'sits Poké Ball. Raiden and Shonosuke were amazed ofby Ash's Snorlax's ability since Ash is just a rookie. Outside the arena, Team Rocket cooked up a plan by usingselling phony Pokémon paw prints, supposedly from the Pokémon who are participating in the competition, to the audience for money as souvenir peddlers.
Soon, both Ash and Raiden make it to the semi-finals. The two matches are Raiden's Feraligatr against Blastoise while Ash's Snorlax fights {{p|Machamp}}. While Feraligatr wins in a very close match, once again Ash's Snorlax makes an easy win via its stomach, much to Ash's surprise. Raiden congratulates Ash for making it to the finals, but he won't go easy on him just because he's a nice kid. Shonosuke tells Ash that he should be proud of himself; Ash is the first rookie to ever reach the finals. He tells them that finals are next and for them to give it their best.
The Finalfinal match begins between Raiden's Feraligatr and Ash's Snorlax. Snorlax makes the first move but Feraligatr dodges it. Snorlax barely manages to retain its balance and teetering on the edge of the ring, still manages to dodge Feraligatr's attack. Raiden is immediately shocked and impressed with how deceptively agile Snorlax is. Both of them make an impressive move but as Feraligatr was pushing Snorlax out of the ring, Ash tells Snorlax to take a deep breath, using its stomach to push Feraligatr away, saving Snorlax. Feraligatr manages to toss Snorlax, but Snorlax manages to land in the ring with a huge impact, causing the entire stadium to shake. Because of that, Feraligatr loses its balance and Snorlax manages to push it out of the ring, winning the match and the competition. Misty and Brock are happy that Ash wins, even though Misty was sad that Feraligatr lost.
The prize-giving ceremony begins as Ash was presented the King's Rock and a one year supply of Pokémon food. Happily, Snorlax rushes towards it, eats the entire supply of Pokémon food and goes to sleep. The gang was glad that they don't have to carry the supply with them and Ash returns Snorlax into its Poké Ball. Ash decides to send back his Snorlax to Professor Oak and get back his Noctowl, since he can't feed Snorlax that much. Both Raiden and Ash shake hands and Raiden wishes him good luck on all his Johto League matches.
[[Image: Machamp miscolored jaw.png|thumb|right|225px|Machamp's miscolored jaw]]
*The sumo competition has a weight requirement of at least 80 kilograms (176.4 lbs), though many of the competing Pokémon have an average weight below the requirement, such as {{p|Arbok}} (65 kg) and {{p|Nidoking}} (62 kg). This is most likely that Pokémon have varying weights in the anime instead of all weighing the same as they do in the games.
*The idea of Pokémon Sumo Wrestling would later be revisited in ''{{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}'' with the Ring-Out FightDrop portionand Circle Push events of the [[Pokéathlon]].
=== Errors ===
*When Feraligatr tries to attack Blastoise, its brown jaw becomes blue.
*On the rostrum, a Machamp's jaw is miscolored dark gray instead of cream.
*When Feraligatr throws out Blastoise, it's out of the circle meaning it should lose.
=== Dub edits ===