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May's Venusaur

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* As of Venusaur, the entire set of fully evolved [[Kanto]] [[starter Pokémon]] is now owned by regular characters: May owns Venusaur, {{Ash}} owns {{AP|Charizard}}, and {{Gary}} owns {{TP|Gary|Blastoise}}.
* Venusaur shares many similarities to [[Paul's Torterra]]. They are both in the final stages of the {{type2|Grass}} [[starter Pokémon]]. They have also been seen only in their first and final forms, not their middle forms, quite often in one, and only through a cameo/flashback in the other. They also are the final forms of [[Pokémon]] that {{Ash}} has that were in their basic forms at the time when the fully [[Evolution|evolved]] {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} was introduced.
*Bulbasaur is the only Poison type the she have.
**It's also the third poison type that the main character obtain [Ash first obtain bulbasaur then Muk]
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