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*All four regions, the Orange Islands, and the Sevii Islands will be explorable in-game. At the beginning, players will have the opportunity to choose their starting region among Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. After obtaining the eight badges of the region they choose, they will be able to travel to the Sevii Islands, the Orange Islands, the Battle Frontier, or the Fight Area, depending on which region they chose. They also have the opportunity to travel to any other region, in which the process will be repeated. This will continue until all four regions are explored.
*A second trade system similar to {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}'s [[Global Terminal|Global Trade Station]] will be possible. The player will be able to seek, offer and search a Pokémon. When posting an offer the player will be able to seek for the Pokémon he/she want in a lot more advanced way. One can seek by the Pokémon itself, its gender, status ([[Pokérus]] or {{shiny2shiny}}), from (in terms of region), level range, [[nature]], characteristic, and even what [[move]]s it knows. For status and 'from location' seeking, one must either have seen a Pokémon from the region or have once obtained a shiny or a Pokémon that was infected by Pokérus. When an offer has been posted, the system will auto-search for any matching Pokémon. When a match has been found the player has to wait for the original owner to accept the offer, decline or sometimes the system will cancel the offer if an error should arise. The system will not allow people to seek Pokémon that are incapable of learning certain moves or being at a certain level, examples are that one cannot search for a level 9 {{p|Mewtwo}} and cannot seek a {{p|Buizel}} that knows {{m|Ember}}.
*A Trading Card Game aspect will be implemented. Trainers will be able to offer two kinds of challenges: Pokémon Battles, and Card Battles. Merchant NPCs may sell booster packs... Their presence in the game adds a new (and entirely optional) dimension to the main gameplay. Efforts to compile a complete database on the trading cards is currently in progress. Currently, the POL TCG is planned to feature the Base, Jungle, Fossil, Rocket, Gym Heroes, Gym Challenge, and Promotional card collections, but not until after 1.0 has been completed.