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Copycat (character)

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*In {{g|Yellow}}, an NPC in the [[Celadon Department Store]] mentions that he's trying to buy a Poké Doll for Copycat in [[Cerulean City|Cerulean]]. However, Copycat lives in Saffron City.
*In the artwork, Copycat has green hair on the [[Generation II]] artwork, but has brown hair in the latest artwork.
*In generation IV Copycat has a [[Pokémon]] from every generation represented (IV generation being the most recent) in her house. [[Clefairy]] doll (I generation), [[Blissey]] (II generation), [[Nosepass]] doll and [[Banette]] (III generation), and [[Cherrim]] doll (IV generation.) This is of course if you count her pokéPoké dollsDolls.
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