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== Sendpkm Instructions (Making your own Pokemon). ==
As some people might know there is a program called Sendpkm. Here are all the instructions for making your own Pokemon-
1. Download Sendpkm.
2. Download Python 2.6
3. Download Pokesav and make .pkm files or just get .pkm files of the internet.
4. With the .pkm files you got earlier drag one onto Sendpkm (If you have Sendpkm on your Desktop also put Pokehaxlib and Pkmlib on your Desktop too).
5. A window will pop up telling you what you have to set your Primary DNS in your Wi-Fi settings.
6. Once you have set your Primary DNS to that server number connect to the GTS in game.
7. Your free Pokemon will come down to you. Enjoy.
This is my website and you can check stuff there. Here it is: http://pokewebeventsite.WebStarts.com
Soon I will have a few series of .pkm files.
[[User:Cool469|Cool469]] 06:28, 20 July 2010 (UTC)