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Last time, Ash had begun his battle with [[Drake (Orange League)|Drake]]. [[Ash's Pikachu]] and [[Ash's Squirtle|Squirtle]] have already defeated Drake's {{p|Ditto}} and {{p|Onix}} (Pikachu beat Ditto and Squirtle beat Onix, respectively), now, he's got to beat Drake's {{p|Gengar}}. In a collision with [[Ash's Lapras|Lapras's]] {{m|Ice Beam}} and Gengar's {{m|Night Shade}}, which Pokémon will remain standing? Will it be Drake's Gengar or Ash's Lapras?
After the explosion from the Ice Beam and Night Shade attacks, both Gengar and Lapras faint. Ash and Drake recall their Pokémon and a field change ensues. After field change, Drake calls out his {{p|Venusaur}} and Ash uses [[Ash's Tauros|Tauros]]. Ash tries to start things off with a {{m|Fissure}} attack, but the attack didn't work, because the sand on the field absorbed the attack. Drake tells Venusaur to use {{m|Solarbeam}}. Ash tells Tauros to use {{m|Take Down}}, but Tauros is unable to hit Venusaur due to all the sand on the field. TheAsh tells Tauros to use {{m|Horn Attack}}. Tauros's Horn attackAttack sends Drake's Venusaur soaring into the air. Venusaur releases its Solarbeam on Tauros, but Tauros isn't down, yet. Tauros, after dodging Venusaur's {{m|Vine Whip}}, hits Venusaur with Take Down, defeating Venusaur.
Drake recalls Venusaur and sends out his {{p|Electabuzz}}. Ash decides to let Tauros rest, and sends out [[Ash's Bulbasaur|his Bulbasaur]]. Drake tells Electabuzz to use {{m|Thunder}}, but Bulbasaur counters it with {{m|Razor Leaf}}. Drake tells Electabuzz to use {{m|Thunderpunch}}, and Ash has Bulbasaur use Tackle. After being hit by Electabuzz's Thunderpunch, Bulbasaur is defeated. Ash sends out [[Ash's Charizard|Charizard]].