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Now, Drake has only one Pokémon left. Drake has saved the best for last-- his {{p|Dragonite}}!
Out of nowhere, Team Rocket appears in their Balloon and tosses a net at Drake's Dragonite, trapping the dragon! After Team Rocket says their motto, Drake grows furious with Team Rocket interrupting the match and commands Dragonite to send the bad guys blasting off again.
Pikachu is Ash's last chance. Pikachu starts things off with an {{m|Agility}}, but is knocked into the air by Dragonite. Dragonite gets ready to use {{m|Hyper Beam}}, but Pikachu uses its tail to dodge the attack! After Pikachu lands on Dragonite's head, Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunder and Pikachu does so. Dragonite and Pikachu are exhausted after the battle, and after a staring contest, Drake's Dragonite falls to the ground, defeated! Ash has won the match and the coveted Orange League Winner's Trophy!