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'''Mr. Game''' is a [[non-player character]] who appears only in edited Japan-outside versionversions of [[Pokémon {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver]]|s}} outside Japan.<br>
He is the owner of both [[Goldenrod Game Corner|Goldenrod]] and [[Celadon Game Corner|Celadon]] Game Corners, having taken the latter from [[Team Rocket]] and renovated it sometime after [[Giovanni]]'s defeat.<br>
Mr. Game is also seemingly the inventor of [[Voltorb Flip]] game and loves watching other people play it. He also gives {{ga|GoldEthan}}/{{ga|Lyra}} aftera the[[Coin player'sCase]] on their first visit into the Game Corner.
*''My name is Mr. Game!<br> My heart pounds with excitement when\npeople people enjoy my Coin game!<br> In fact, that’s what I live for!<br> Go ahead and play it!<br> Make my heart pound with excitement!''
*''What a feeling! Nothing beats Coin-game spectatorship! Oh! I almost forgot!''<br>If in Johto: ''You can exchange your Coins for prizes with the two gentlemen at the table over there.''<br>If in Kanto: ''You can go to the building next door and exchange your Coins for prizes.''
*''What a feeling!<br>Nothing beats Coin-game spectatorship!<br>Oh! I almost forgot!<br>You can go to the building next door<br>and exchange your Coins for prizes.''