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Quilava is then shown to be knocked away, and both Armaldo and Quilava are running out of gas. Nando tells Armaldo to use {{m|X-Scissor}}, while Ash tells Quilava to use {{m|Aerial Ace}}, with both attacks colliding. Armaldo is down, but with the strong impact of the X-Scissor, Quilava is knocked out too, which results in a draw.
Back with Dawn and co., Conway appears in a creepy way again, scaring Dawn and Barry. Conway introduces himself to Barry. Nando sends out his last Pokémon, {{p|Kricketune}}, and Ash sends out his {{AP|Heracross}}. Ash tells Heracross to use {{m|Megahorn}}, and Kricketune counters with {{m|Silver Wind}}, the impact sends Heracross flying. Nando tells Kricketune to use {{m|Sing}}, and Heracross falls asleep, falling to the ground. Then, Kricketune uses {{m|Fury Cutter}}, and Ash tells Heracross to use {{m|Sleep Talk}}. Heracross dodges the Fury Cutter, and uses {{m|Focus Punch}} to send Kricketune flying. Heracross wakes up and Ash tells it to use Focus Punch, and Nando tells Kricketune to dodge. Ash tells Heracross to use Focus Punch continously and Kricketune counters it with Fury Cutter. The two continues to use their attacks. Paul is watching the battle in another room. A strong impact sends both Pokémon flying. Nando then tells Kricketune to use Sing. Just as it is about to use Sing, Ash tells Heracross to use Megahorn in the ground. The Megahorn hits the ground and it stamps its feet, using {{m|Horn Attack}} to send Kricketune flying. With the strong power, Kricketune is knocked out, thus making Ash the winner. Heracross flysflies over to Ash and the gang cheers him on. Nando laughs and disappears once again.
Outside the stadium, Team Rocket are having lots of customers buying their merchandises. Nando thanks Ash for the great battle and then leaves. Then, Paul is shown winning his