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Pseudorandom number generation in Pokémon

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* Determining the Pokémon in the Trophy Garden.
* [[Mystery Gift]] shininess restriction for Type 1 [[Wonder Card]] Pokémon (currently all released with variable natures).
==RNG Abuse==
'''RNG abuse''', also referred to as '''RNG manipulation,''' is a procedure that manipulates the pseudo-random number generator in the main series games to obtain a desired Pokémon. It is commonly used to obtain [[shiny Pokémon]] or Pokémon with high [[Individual Values]].
The initial seed is predictable, the "random" numbers are predictable as well. [[Pokémon Emerald]]'s initial seed is always 0. The Generation IV games use the [[Nintendo DS]]'s date, time, and delay between starting the game and pressing "Continue" to generate the initial seed.
The random number generator is used to determine a Pokémon's [[personality value]] and [[Individual Values]] when it is encountered or received. After the initial seed is discovered, the player can control a Pokémon's characteristics with frame precise timing. There are several methods used to create a Pokémon's characteristics - for instance, a bred Pokémon and a legendary Pokémon's characteristics are generated through different methods.
There are some limitations. As a player's Trainer ID and Secret ID determine a Pokémon's shininess, shiny Pokémon generated through certain methods can only have certain Individual Values. Also, it is not possible to manipulate the nature of a Pokémon obtained through a Wonder Card.
In the Pokémon fandom, RNG abuse is slightly controversial. Proponents note that RNG abuse does not require a third-party device such as an Action
Replay, and that RNG abused Pokémon can be obtained through normal gameplay. In addition, RNG abused Pokémon have been allowed at the 2009 and 2010 Video Game Championships, an official tournament sponsored by Nintendo. However, some players believe that RNG abuse is cheating, as the action of
picking a Pokémon's characteristics is similar to using a program like Pokésav.
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