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* Chapter 1: [[DPA28|PursueLook For Giratina!]]
* Chapter 2: [[DPA29|A Clash!! Hareta vs. PlutoCharon]]
* Chapter 3: [[DPA30|The Anger of Legendary Pokémon - Heatran's Rage]]
* Chapter 4: [[DPA31|Hareta's Excellent New Partner - The Energetic... Minun?!?]]
* Chapter 5: [[DPA32|CrushCharon Pluto'sMust AmbitionsBe Stopped!]]
* Special Chapter: [[DPAS5|TheReturn Tale ofto Hareta's and Shaymin - PartHome 2Forest]]
* [[Looker]], who was erroneously named "Hansom" (an unusual romanization of his Japanese name, "Handsome") in [[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! volume 6|volume six]], is referred to as "Looker" beginning in ''[[DPA30|The Anger of Legendary Pokémon Heatran]]''. He explains that "Looker" is his code name and he is referred to as "Looker" ever since then.