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May I append the offical FAQs or rules to each card's page?: new section
On resizing.. may I get permission to resize older images where I have to re-draw certain things? Many older images have those black bars on each side, and I've been redrawing inside them. I figure asking now would prevent further confusion in the future.--[[User:Cubic Question|Cubic Question]] 21:35, 7 July 2010 (UTC)
== May I append the offical FAQs or rules to each card's page? ==
I think it would be useful to others. For example:
'''Sunlock L3'''
Card text
* Moving damage counters from 1 Pokemon to another is not blocked by Heal Block.
* While Heal Block is in effect, you may use Potion though it does nothing.
'''Luxray AR'''
Card text
* You must declare whether you would like to discard the Pokémon Tool or not when you use Gadget Bolt. If you would like, the Pokémon Tool is discarded after damage is done. So Gadget Bolt always gets +20 damage from Expert Belt.
* If Luxray uses Gadget Bolt to Knock Out Gengar SF and discards Expert Belt, Gengar may use Fainting Spell after Expert Belt is discarded. The Defending Player takes only 1 Prize card if heads.
[[User:Substy|Substy]] 08:46, 8 July 2010 (UTC)