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==July 2010 New Pokémon==
I just whipped a [[User:Quagbert/Chiraamii (Pokémon)|draft article for Chirāmī]] based on the scans that just leaked out. I only did Chirāmī since that's the only one we have a decent amount of clear info on. Perhaps in the future we may want to take any more new Gen V Pokémon discussion {{tt|over here|Category talk:Generation V Pokémon}} and leave this talk page for other Gen V stuff, though that just my suggestion. [[User:Quagbert|Quagbert]] 12:05, 11 June 2010 (UTC)
== Ugh... ==
"''Kanji are now used in game menus and text, in addition to the hiragana and katakana used in the previous four generations.''" >> Not saying that this statement is false but could someone point me to a known instance of the games where kanji is used more prominently? I know that it has been used for some things already since Gen I, like the prices in the Japanese versions using the kanji for yen, but this seems to refer to a greater use of the kanji throughout the dialogues... [[User:Pokemon lover|<b><span style="color:green">ポケモン</span></b>]][[User talk:Pokemon lover|<b><span style="color:blue">あいこうか</span></b>]] 17:45, 4 July 2010 (UTC)