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Piloswine (Pokémon)

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* Prior to Generation IV, Piloswine can learn {{m|AncientPower}} by {{pkmn|breeding}} or by evolution of a [[Shadow Pokémon|Shadow]] {{p|Swinub}} caught in {{Pokémon XD}}. Despite this, it cannot evolve into {{p|Mamoswine}} in those generations because Mamoswine did not yet exist. This makes it and {{p|Lickitung}} the only Pokémon which could not evolve even if the criteria were met because their evolved forms were not yet created.
* Of all the [[Methods of evolution#When the Pokémon knows a certain move|Pokémon that need to know a certain move to evolve]], Piloswine is the only one that has already evolved once.
** It is also the only one of the move-based evolutions that does not learn the required move at a specific level. However, AncientPower is in Piloswine's list of level up moves and thus can be recovered by a [[move relearner]] in exchange for a [[Heart Scale]].
*Pryce's Piloswine was defeated by {{AP|Pikachu}} with several {{m|Thunderbolt}}s with great effect, despite Piloswine being a {{type|Ground}}.