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Trivia: Uhhh... you can't really specifically tell which model it's supposed to be, but if anything, I'd think it'd be the original one judging by the green screen.
* Some of the original game's tracks, such as [[Team Rocket]]'s themes (unless the player hasn't fought [[Giovanni]] yet), the music played when the player meets [[Professor Oak]], and the opening and closing music, cannot be accessed using the GB Sounds, because they only play before the player has the chance to operate it. To accommodate these, the [[Pokémon Music Channel]] hosts a "Pokémon Past Archive" program each Sunday, featuring such otherwise unheard pieces in addition to a few other themes.
* Despite that the GB Sounds is supposed to sound like the original music from the GB/GBC, none of the songs sound exactly like the originals. The acoustics sound different, many notes have different pitches, and other notes in various songs are not even heard at all. This may be due to the different hardware of the DS.
* The image for the GB Sounds is a Game Boy Pocket, with a pair of headphones.