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== Anime ==
{{User Episode|AG047.png|AG047|I Feel Skitty!}}
{{User Episode|AG187.png|AG187|The Unbeatable Lightness of Being}}
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== Favorite Ships ==
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== Games ==
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== Favorite Ships ==
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== Favorite Pokémon ==
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== About Me ==
If you don't want to read all this, just look at my usertags.
Okay I am a teenager and I live in the country. I have nine cats, four dogs and three horses. I love animals and volunteer at a Theraputic Riding Center and a Great Pryenese Rescue. My goal is to eventually work to help conserve our wildlife such as the mustangs or the wolves. I really do not like younger kids, they annoy me, but especially babies because they smell. I wish my friends would get off me for liking Pokémon. My first ever Pokémon Game is Pokémon Pearl. Once I get WiFi set up I will be able to battle or trade with anyone. I really want a {{p|Darkrai}} and am willing to trade a {{p|Deoxys}} or a {{p|Jirachi}}, but only once I am able to. I mainly contribute to Project Merchandise and Project Anime but all the projects I joined are listed to the side.
Okay when I first heard about shipping it was like okay, those two characters look cute together. Then I eventually started reading more, and picked out my favorite ships. I do not like gay ships (nothing against gays, i wish you had more rights), and no Pokémon to Human ships. That is like a person to an animal (Icky!).
* '''Ikarishipping''' - I love this ship! Paul is the quite, bad boy and Dawn is the bubbly friendly girl. I can just see this ship happening.
* '''Playfulshipping''' - So cute!!
* '''Franticshipping''' - I have never read the manga but I fell in love with this ship anyways. Sapphire and Ruby forever!
* '''Flavescentshipping''' - I love it! I must have a thing for rivals and main girl ships!
== Characters! ==
*{{Gary}} - He is the original bad boy! He and Ash's competition was so cool. Then the writers made him a dumb Pokémon Reseacher and wrote him out. They also made him look younger, I like his old look better.
*{{an|May}} - May is a shy girl who starts off hating something then comes to love it. She has the coolest rivals, especially Drew.
*{{an|Iris}} - Shi is such an amazing tomboy girl! Can't wait till she comes to America!
*{{Ash}} - He is the original, how can you hate him? He has gone through so much of the world, and he is only ten still! Lucky person.
* [[Eevee's Weather Report]]
* [[Diglett's Birthday Party]]
* [[First Prize for Starmie]]
* [[Seel to the Rescue!]]
* [[Magnemite's Mission]]
* [[Detective Chikorita]]
* [[Cyndaquil and the Mysterious Hole]]
* [[Look Out Houndour!]]
== Pages I Am Working On ==
'''On My Subpages'''
* [[User:Mudkipluvr4ever/johtofestashipping]]
* [[User:Mudkipluvr4ever/Nekoshipping]]
* [[User:Mudkipluvr4ever/Puzzles]]
Will add more later
== Shinies! ==
* {{p|Psyduck}} - I caught this one in Pokémon Firered Version in the Seafoam Islands I think. It was my first shiny ever. I nicknamed him Shine!!
* {{p|Poochyena}} - I caught this one in Pokémon Emerald Version outside of Lilycove. His name is Luster
* {{p|Pichu}} - This is the GameStop one. Can't wait to get Spiky-Eared Pichu!
== Pokémon I Hope For in Generation V ==
* A Dolphin Pokémon
* More Eeveelutions, especially Ghost and Dragon ones
* Another Horse
* A Moose
Will add more later
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