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* [[Kellyn]], {{OBP|Kate|Ranger}}, and [[Todd Snap|Todd]] are the only player characters who do not wear any sort of headgear.
* {{ga|Red}}'s dialog during his appearance as an NPC in [[Generation II]] and [[Generation IV]] references the Pokémon games' player characters' status as silent protagonists. His dialog with the player character(s) of those games consists only of ellipses and an exclamation point when he is defeated.
** This is not necessary, since the ellipses were implied in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald as the player speaking, which means these ellipses may mean an effect of 'Insert what you'd have said in FireRed and LeafGreen.'
* All player characters of the same gender have had the same list of default names since Generation III, with the exception of game-specific names such as Landon and Sean (for {{ga|Brendan}}) or Terra and Marina (for {{ga|May}}). The game-specific names have always been related to the title of the game, with the exception of those of the Hoenn characters' names, which are related to the powers of {{p|Groudon}} and {{p|Kyogre}}.
* In the main games, the given Japanese names of the male player characters (as NPCs) all end in ''ki'' ('''キ'''). This excludes Red's appearance in Generations II and IV, as he is not a player character during the games when he is an NPC. Inclusively, Lunick's Japanese name also ends in ''ki''.