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Trivia: Uhhh... that's kind of overanalyzing it. Pretty sure that's all simply a coincidence, if you can even call it that.
*Each generation's third version does not use its mascot's official [[Ken Sugimori]] artwork. [[Pokémon Blue Version (Japanese)|Blastoise]] (Japanese), [[Pokémon Yellow Version|Pikachu]] (Japanese and English), [[Pokémon Crystal Version|Suicune]], [[Pokémon Emerald Version|Rayquaza]], and [[Pokémon Platinum Version|Giratina]] use specially made artwork.
** {{2v|FireRed|LeafGreen}}, {{2v|Gold|Silver}} and {{2v|HeartGold|SoulSilver}} also use specially made artwork.
*** Also, every 3rd version seems to foretell of the next generation of games. Gold is type of yellow, a crystal is a gem like rubies, an emerald is a gem like diamond and platinum is gray/silver, a mixture of black and white.
* Generation II was the only generation which had ''only'' two main versions and one third version worldwide. Generation I had Blue as a third version and Yellow as an added fourth in Japan, Generation III has five with the remakes of Red and Green, and Generation IV has five with the remakes of Gold and Silver.