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** [[Pokémon senryū]]: マスキッパ きょうもはらぺこ すきっぱら ''Masukippa, kyō mo hara peko, sukippara'' "{{tt|Muskippa|Carnivine}} is also starving today: empty stomach."
* This episode's number (493) is the same as the number of [[Pokémon]] as of [[Generation IV]].
* [[Marian]] mentions that {{si|Kenny}}'s {{p|Alakazam}}'s appeal is like watching a magic show, a reference to the Pokémon's name origin.
=== Errors ===
* After Dawn's win against Jessie, Marian says that Dawn and Piplup are off to the final round, but Dawn vs. Jessie was a first round match. Piplup is later seen defeating a Bagon, and ''then'' fighting against Kenny and Prinplup in the final round.