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== Synopsis ==
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While traveling towards the Battle Arena, Ash and friends get caught in a trap made by a man named [[Mitch Mitchum]]. Mitch is trying to capture a {{p|Jigglypuff}} to give to his daughter for her birthday., leaving his Ashhome and thehis othersjob tryfor six months to helptry. captureAfter ittrying butmany ittimes iswith superjust strong,Poké smarterBalls, and trickythen whichwith makesthe ithelp thatof mucha more{{p|Loudred}} difficult..he caught, he continued to be outsmarted and outsung.
Ash and friends worked on capturing it to help Mitch get the {{p|Jigglypuff}}, but their plans, including direct battle, food as bait, and Professor Oak's Pink Surprise [[Pokéblock]] went unrewarded. Finally, Max devised a plan to lead {{p|Jigglypuff}} into a sound-amplified room, where Jigglypuff's sing attack was reflected back, putting {{p|Jigglypuff}} (and {{AP|Pikachu}}) to sleep. When Mitch finally had the opportunity to capture it though, he couldn't, citing that the Jigglypuff loved living free in the forest.
[[Mitch Mitchum|Mitch]] decides to go home to his family finally, hoping that his {{p|Loudred}} will be enough to keep his daughter happy. At first his daughter was sad that she didn't get a {{p|Jigglypuff}}, but realized that what mattered most was that he made it for her birthday and to be with family. She cheered her dad up by saying she would have plenty of fun with {{p|Loudred}} and was simply glad he was home. {{p|Jigglypuff}} appears at the end, surprising everyone, and agreeing to stay with Mitch and his family.
== Major events ==