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Magcargo (Pokémon)

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* Despite the fact Magcargo's shell crumbles easily, in the anime it retracts into its shell and protects itself from damage.
* Magcargo's body is over 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which should be hot enough to melt flesh. However, it has made contact with Pokémon many times in the anime and none of them felt any burning from its body. This trait is shared with {{p|Ponyta}} and {{p|Rapidash}}.
* Magcargo's animated {{g|Crystal}} sprite takes from both its {{2v2|Gold|Silver}} sprites.
Magcargo is based on a {{wp|snail}} with a body of {{wp|lava}} and a shell of {{wp|rock}}. It may also be based on the {{wp|Cherufe}}, evil creatures of rock and magma that inhabit the magma pools found deep within Chilean volcanoes. They are the main sources of earthquakes in Chile.