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About Me
====About Me====
My name is Evan, but I go by evkl online, all lowercase. My birthday is January 17, and I'm 2021 years old, currently attending college in New York State. I'm a native of the [[wp:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania|Philadelphia]] area ([[wp:Pennsylvania|Pennsylvania]] side of the river). I've been working on Bulbagarden since Archaic took over in December of 2002. I've been playing Pokémon since I was about 9, although I find myself playing less and less as I've grown up.
I think knowledge is very important. I also think music is very important. Those two aren't really related at all, I'm just saying. On the knowledge front, I think Bulbapedia is a very good thing, as a specialized repository for knowledge that otherwise wouldn't be aggregated anywhere else. On the music front, if you're talking to me, expect an away message or signature or something involving an obscure reference to music or lyrics. Or maybe not-so-obscure. [[wp:Katy Perry|Katy Perry]] is cool with me.