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→‎Second Battle: I just beat Palmer
(→‎Second Battle: I just beat Palmer)
''"Bravo! I imagine many great Trainers will come to challenge me as you have just done. That's something I look forward to a great deal. You will become even more skilled. Keep battling Trainers from around the world and keep growing greater in stature!"
=====Second Battle=====
Before the battle:
"So, you've come this far! As the Tower Tycoon, I'll have to give you my best effort. That's how the best Trainers show respect to each other. By battling all out as dedicated students of Pokemon!"
After the battle:
"I have no problem losing to a spectacular trainer like you!"
"Bravo! I feel inspired in my heart! My young friend, the world and your future hold infinite promise. The spirits of people and Pokemon call for each other in resonance. The resulting bond is finitely strong! Go on, you can be all that you desire! There is no limit to where you can go!"
==In the anime==