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Dawn's Buneary

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When Dawn first started on her journey, she ran into [[DP002|several]] [[DP004|Buneary]] and failed to catch any of them. However, one morning, this Buneary spotted [[Ash's Pikachu]] catching a potato [[Brock's Croagunk]] threw and [[LagomorphShipping|developed a crush]] on him. After a sequence of events that nearly got Pikachu run over, Dawn chased after Buneary, who then swiped Pikachu. After a while, Dawn finally found and caught her.
[[Image:Buneary Hearthrome Collection.png|thumb|left|200px|Buneary in the Hearthrome Collection]]
Buneary is used often in Dawn's {{pkmn|Contest}}s. She was first used in the Battle Round of the [[Jubilife City]] contest. She also helped Dawn win the [[Hearthome Collection]] in ''[[DP086|Arriving in Style!]]'', her first battle in the [[Wallace Cup]] and her appeal in ''[[DP095|Battling the Generation Gap!]]''. In ''[[DP114|Another One Gabites the Dust!]]'', Buneary was used again in the appeal rounds of the [[Chocovine Town]] Contest. She managed to get Dawn to the battle round.