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Terracotta Town

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Oh that's right, the Wallace Cup was just a dream
The seaside town is situated below a range of steep cliffs, resulting in several rivers which the town has cultivated around. The town is shown to host a festival known as the ''Terracotta Town Contest Festival'', in which the streets are decorated with streamers and bustling with concessionary stands. More importantly around this time, the town is known to play host to unofficial [[Pokémon Contests]].
May and Ash both enter the contest, at a [[Contest Hall]] located within a rustic section of the seaside town. The two get to battle each other by both making it through to the Battle Round which ends in a draw, earning them both the Terracotta Medal. It is also the place where [[May's Combusken]] evolves into a [[Blaziken]]. The town also has its own harbor, with ships regularly docking to and from distant regions as far as [[Hoenn]]. May and Max depart from Kanto on one of these ships, both making their final non-cameo appearances in the anime.