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'''X ゥ- xゥ,''' (also known as '''X - x''' or 'Xu-xu') is a {{type2|Normal}} [[Glitch Pokémon]]. For terms of clarity, this article uses the X - x form of the name.
It is found in {{game|Yellow}} only - it can only be found by doing Method #3 of the [[Mew glitch]] with Pokémon with a special stat of '''196'''. It can also be obtained if a [[PokéWTrainer]] is traded from Red and Blue.
At the [[Game Boy Tower]] in {{Eng|Pokémon Stadium}}, when X - xゥ, appears, the screen where X - xゥ, is will appear purple. X - x's number is #203 and its starting moves are {{m|Skull Bash}}, {{m|Flash}}, {{m|Constrict}} and {{m|Waterfall}}. Its types are Blank and Normal. Although most glitch Pokémon have bizarre, often low, [[base stats]], X - x's base stats are quite high and evenly distributed. In fact, its Attack, Defense, and so on are all around 300 when it is level 100, with HP around 400.
==Game data==
[[Image:XxGlitch.jpg|thumb|right|X - xゥ, being encountered using the [[Mew glitch]]]]
*As it learns the HM technique as a starting move, and cannot be traded to any game containing a move deleter, X - xゥ, is unable to forget {{m|Flash}}. However, if obtained at Level 12 or higher, or traded from Red/Blue, it will not know Flash.