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Vermilion City

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{{itlistbod|Lost Item|Received from the a member of the Pokémon Fan Club after hearing about {{OBP|Copycat|character}}'s missing doll.|GSCHGSS|display={{DL|List of key items in Generation IV|Lost Item}}}}
{{itlistbod|HP Up|Received from the man next to where Snorlax sleeps after obtaining all 16 badges.|GSC}}
{{Itlistbod|Full Heal|Hidden in the bush next to the gym|GSC|display={{DL|Status ailment healing item|Full Heal}}}}
{{itlistbod|PP Max|Received from the man near {{rt|11}} after obtaining all 16 badges.|HGSS}}
{{itlistbod|TM Electric|Reward for defeating Lt. Surge.|HGSS|display={{TM|34|Shock Wave}}}}